Attention to detail that powers telecom.

Clean, dependable power is the lifeblood of a telecom system. Our 60-year history of reliable service and careful safety has made us a sought-after partner for many telecom and power companies.

We are adept in sensitive, highly technical environments such as data centers, plants and telephone buildings. Our experienced crews design, build, install and maintain electrical service, systems and infrastructure that promise reliable supply. We’re equally proud of an annual EMR safety rating of 0.93 that we work diligently to maintain on every project and jobsite.

Our safety-minded teams have more than 60 years of experience that’s ideally suited for today’s modern environments and applications. How can we help you?


24/7/365 Emergency Restoraiton
AC and DC Power Systems
Access Control Systems
Aerial Cable Installation
Arc Flash Studies
Building Management Control Wiring
Buried Cable Utility Work
Category 5-6 Data Applications
Circuit Relocations
Coaxial Cable for Data and Video
Copper Cable
Design and Engineering Services
Directional Boring
Duct Bank Construction
Emergency Power System Installation
Feeder Relocations
Fiber Optic Cable
Fiber Optic Cable Splicing
Fire Alarm Installation and Maintenance
Grounding Systems
Infrastructure Upgrades
Infrared Thermography
Manhole and Handhole Installation
Mechanical Wiring
Power Systems
Power Quality Analysis
Racking and Frame Design and Installation
Telecommunication Equipment and Cabling Installation
Underground Cable Installation - Metro and Long Haul
Wireless Infrastructure