Safety and reliability that optimize productivity.

Fast-paced industrial environments rely on fine-tuned efficiency to keep operations and profits in sync. We work diligently to prevent downtime and ensure safety on every industrial electrical installation, service call and maintenance operation. We ensure the performance of utility and process systems within industrial facilities whether production, consumer and packaged goods, or food and beverage processing.

Customer Markets

Government Facilities
Military Facilities
Food Processing
Nuclear Facilities
Waste Water Treatment Plants
Water Treatment Plants
Distribution Centers
Utility Companies

Performance Solutions

Have performed daily onsite electrical maintenance for 40 years to support production equipment, and recently completed a $10 million electrical expansion to include everything from medium voltage gear down to every outlet and fixture.
Manufacturing Customer, Lexington SC
Cleaned, tested and repaired 9 medium voltage substations & switches, and replaced a manufacturing plant’s main service - all during a 16 hour shut down.
Food Processing Customer, Midland SC
Performed electrical installation for a water filtration system for a new nuclear reactor.
VC Summer Nuclear Generating Station, Jenkinsville SC