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Infrastructure is an indispensable part of everyday life. From reliable water and electrical systems to mission-critical data and telecom, we help utilities, co-ops and privately owned systems expand and maintain service through new installations, system upgrades, maintenance and fast emergency response.

Customer Markets

Industrial Distribution Systems - Overhead and Underground
Military Facilities
Private Distribution Systems
Power Companies
Power Municipalities - Duct Banks, Street Scapes
Telecommunication Companies
Water Municipalities - Sewer, Reclaimed Water

Performance Solutions

Awarded 1.5 mile duct bank installation as part of the Richland County penny-tax program that began in the Spring of 2016
Our overhead and underground crews assist with installation and maintenance of South Carolina’s primary distribution system and street lighting
Dominion Energy
Installed all electrical equipment & systems for a 10 helicopter maintenance hanger and administration building
Army Aviation Center, Upstate SC