The power needed to sustain critical operations.

Sensitive, mission critical environments such as hospitals and data centers rely on continuous power availability. Whether the at-risk commodity is data, a proprietary process or high tech computer servers, we mitigate the risk with thoughtful, reliable strategies that ensure operational continuity.

Customer Markets

Colleges and Universities
Colocation Data Facilities
Telecommunications Companies
Telephone Companies
Data Centers
Wireless Providers

Performance Solutions

We ensured that an IT data center’s emergency generators could operate at full load for a minimum of 24 hours.
Clemson University Information Technology
We furnished and installed generators, paralleling switchgear, four UPS lineups and battery strings to power an expansion of a critical data center. All while keeping it fully operational.
In less than six months, we built out full data service entrances and recessed channels for a 500-employee call center in Goldsboro, NC.
Call Center